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Rexx Network Blockchain Launched – The First Use Case Of Rexx Ecosystem

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 20th Feb 2024 – The Rexx Ecosystem introduced the Rexx Network Blockchain. Rexx Network is the native blockchain of the Rexx Ecosystem, a blockchain project dedicated to creating a first-of-its-kind Web3 ecosystem of decentralized applications for industries like online gaming, news, payments, supply chain, and more.”

Introduction to Rexx Network

Rexx Network is being created as a Layer 2 public blockchain platform with super fast transaction speed and low processing fees. Written in Solidity, Rexx allows developers to build highly Secure and Fast Dapps for various purposes using EVM-compatible tools like Metamask, Truffle, or Remix. As an EVM-compatible blockchain platform, Rexx Network provides access to the tools and features for the development of next-gen decentralized apps.

Roadmap to the Launch

The Rexx Network (blockchain) was launched on 17 February 2024, with many exciting features and applications. Other components, like the Testnet and Mainnet, are also accessible to users now.

Rexx Network Features

Rexx Network Blockchain Launched – The First Use Case Of Rexx Ecosystem

The top features of the Rexx Blockchain Network include high transaction speed, low cost, and unmatched security.

Type: L2 Blockchain

Transaction Speed: 4500 transactions per second on devnet

Transaction Fee: ~$0.00061

Block Time: 0.3 seconds

Transaction Finality (duration): ~ 45 sec to 10 mins

Rexx Network features comparison with other top blockchain platforms

The following components of the Rexx Network are live now:

Rexx Network Testnet Launched

The Rexx Testnet is now live and can be accessed at Developers looking to test the capabilities of the Rexx Network can join today to start adding blocks to the network. The average block time, as of now, is 15 seconds.

Rexx Coin Faucet Launched

In other exciting news, the Rexx Coin Faucet is also live for users. Those looking to get their hands on some free REXX can join right away. Just provide your wallet address and complete the steps to receive the Rexx Coin.

Rexx Network Testnet Bridge Launched

The third component that has been launched is the Rexx Network Bridge, which offers a way to swap between various compatible tokens and other digital assets between different blockchains, enabling interoperability.

Rex Network (Mainnet) – Launched in February 2024.

Rexx Network is being created and will be launched in the following three progressive phases:

1. Rexx 1.0 (already launched) – involves developing the basic aspects of our Rexx Network

2. Rexx 2.0 – Involves developing on top of Rexx 1.0 to improve user experience and performance with a focus on fostering increased participation among developers to build on the Rexx Network.

3. Rexx 3.0 – involves strengthening the network capabilities and promoting an ecosystem of multiple rollups

The Rexx Network (Rexx1.0) is built on the Ethereum blockchain and offers cutting-edge security with low-cost transaction speed and powerful smart contracts. With its unmatched features like EVM compatibility and low-cost blockchain transactions, Rexx aims to revolutionize centralized systems like digital payments and supply chain management with innovative blockchain solutions.

EVM Compatible blockchain network – Rexx’s EVM-compatible blockchain allows developers to seamlessly build, deploy, and run their dApps.

Fast Processing Speed of up to 4500 tps – Rexx is more efficient than many top blockchains in terms of transaction speed (see the chart above). With an average block time of less than 0.3 seconds, it’s one of the fastest blockchain platforms out there.

Low-Cost (just $0.00061 per transaction) – On top of that, Rexx Coin users get an additional discount on transaction fees.

Top-notch Security – Authorized validators with verified identities. Fully transparent, public blockchain with easy transaction verification.

Excited to know more? Find out all about the Rexx Network and the Rexx project roadmap at

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